Nowadays a mirror has no longer a functional purpose only, it is a proper piece of furniture and design aimed at enriching and expanding a space. 

Be it with different finishes, frames or shapes, Monteleone’s mirrors will be able to embellish with taste and versatility bathrooms, bedrooms, halls and living rooms.  

We offer an extensive range of design, size and colour options – as well as bespoke products.

Monteleone has introduced the stylish matt black to its collection of finishes, an exciting addition to our design solutions range. The elegant finish of the profiles combined with high-quality materials creates a bold statement in any bathroom.

We are always in tune with the trend of the moment managing to meet the demands of the international hospitality industry. The matt black finish is a striking example: its simplicity and style ensure an elegant versatility and a stunning aesthetic solution. The captivating and silky finish gives the surface a wow effect both to the touch and to the eye.

Reframe your bathroom with unique design and clever details in matt black: have a look at our website for more!

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