Monteleone offers an extensive range of cosmetic mirrors, suitable for every need and functionality: an exclusive series of bathroom furniture grounded in Italian design and quality.

With the Spekkio and Kosmetico brand we design and sign top-notch cosmetic mirrors, especially for the Hotel industry.

We provide a great variety of design, shape and colour options – as well as bespoke products.

The cosmetic mirrors collection is further being enhanced through the addition of more finishes to offer an even greater variety: black, bronze, chrome, copper and gold.

You can choose from lighted or unlighted, table-top or wall-mounted cosmetic mirrors to create the bathroom environment you prefer.

Our cosmetic mirrors will always put you in the right light (pun not intended): thanks to the LED lightning and the magnifying level, tasks such as shaving or applying make-up will be a piece of cake.

We take pride in adding a touch of design and purpose in a room with our cosmetic mirrors: for more insight and to view the latest ranges, visit


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