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Cosmetic mirrors

Cosmetic mirrors

Monteleone offers an extensive range of cosmetic mirrors, suitable for every need and functionality: an exclusive series of bathroom furniture grounded in Italian design and quality. With the Spekkio and Kosmetico brand we design and sign top-notch cosmetic mirrors,...
spekkio™ and kosmetico™

spekkio™ and kosmetico™

Monteleone S.r.l. has been the owner of Spekkio and Kosmetico trademarks since 2005. With the Spekkio (and Kosmetico) brand we create innovative and high-quality products, especially suitable for the Hotel industry. We often design products from scratch to suit the...
LED technology

LED technology

We think of LED technology as something new but it was actually born in 1962, even if at the beginning it was only red. At the beginning of the 2000s there was a decisive turning point towards this technology with the appearance of the first white light LED bulb. In...


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